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Our goal at BRICC is to work with people, giving them a place along with resources to run

programmes that will help their community.  At the moment we run after school tutoring with four subjects (maths, English (literacy/reading), computers and peacemaking) being taught to primary school children through secondary students.  


We also help womenin the neighbourhood facilitate training and programmes that will improve their lives.  We have started a basic health education programme for women.  With each initiative it is our desire to bring Muslims and Christians together.  As they get  to know one another, our hope is that the trust and community spirit that has been lost due to fighting and turmoil will be rekindled.

​The beginning.

​The vision of BRiCC started back after the January 2010 crisis here in Jos. From there events continued to happen that further divide the city and the state and continue to divide the country as well. Can the past be realised again, the days where no matter who you were or what you believed life was shared? Life was lived together on the streets, in the shops and in each others homes. Today Jos has areas that are called "no-go" areas for Christians and for Muslims. This separation is growing which leaves the youngest of us in an unfortunately tough world. 

In January of 2012 we opened our doors for the first time. We opened to help bring people together in understanding of one another in our commonalities along with in our differences; to build a community that is stronger and one that will rise up, stand and love one another. We can talk peace for ever but if we do not love or understand each other better peace will never happen.


From left to right: Hassan, Toby, Philomena, Sadiq, Mary, Joseph, Veronica, Bala, Adriana, Sandra, Baba and Emmanuel.

BRiCC Staff

Aisha Head shop.jpg

Admin Assistant

Aishatu Aliyu Usman
Veronice Anikpe
Ladies Coordinator
Sadiq Hassan
Lead Coordinator
Hassan Sani
Education Assistant
Mary John
Assistant Ladies Coordinator
Philomena Sani

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