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We learn together, to grow together.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
― Nelson Mandela

Inside meeting room
JS & SS Classes pose for snap
Students with Education Coordinator

Why Education?

The education department is one of the most important arms of BRiCC.  We aim to educate children and adults across age barriers,  religious identities and ethnic nationalities both academically and about their civic and social responsibilities. The dream is to unite people through carefully designed educational programmes. Our educational programmes prepare them to stand united so they can fight the plotting of conflict and violence together.  The inclusion and persistent teaching of the importance of peace-building among the academic subjects is our overriding objective. As well as achieving peaceful co-existence in Plateau State, we want to use education to assist residents of Jos in realising their self worth.  Personal achievements help show them their potential and the importance of their lives.


Working within schools.

Recently we were invited into one of the private schools around our neighbourhood to lead their graduating class in a Peace Education Workshop. For two weekends our teachers held classes within this school on peace and conflict resolution.  They were a great success. The students' participation was very much welcomed.

We are in the process of holding this programme within another local private school as well. This is a new development for our educational department, working within the local schools to teach them peace education, but is a highly welcomed idea. We are excited to be able to grow this aspect of our education department by stepping into more schools to spread the word of peace.

Do you run a school? Would you like BRiCC to come hold this workshop within your school? Please contact our Education Department Coordinator Sadiq at 0803 930 4091.


Adult Ed

We run classes for skilled people (those who can read and write) in computer literacy, improving literacy and entrepreneurship. After completion they qualify for a further 13 week course to extend their computer skills for business.

Unskilled persons (those who cannot read and write) can take part in intensive short courses in literacy skills. When these have been successfully completed they can be admitted into the computer literacy, improving literacy and entrepreneurship classes which run for a period of ten weeks.

What we do

Our academic programmes give our students the opportunity to acquire computer skills and then use our computer facilities to help them access the outside world.


We train and inspire our students to stand boldly as leaders of peace in their various communities now and in the future. We are sowing the seeds of peace.

Quality education can be difficult to obtain here in Jos.  We ensure those who may not otherwise attain it can aspire to have dreams and visions for their future and the future of their communities.

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