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What are people saying about BRiCC?

2015 Football Camp for IDP kids with ONAZI

Words from the heart

about BRiCC

Teacher, student, encourager and business man.

Coach Musa

A Pillar of the community

Partnership in healing

Featuring an original score "Breathe Again" from Jos's very own Stage One​.

This video shows what can happen when love overcomes the division of Christians and Muslims in a very divided city. BRiCC last year worked with Unity Fitness Centre in Jos, Nigeria by sending physiotherapist, Fiona, there once a week to work with his clientele. Upon visiting the centre for the first time we met Hussein who could not walk without the help of at least two people. Today, due to BRiCC and Fiona's touch, he can walk again with the help of crutches. A Christian working together with Muslims for the betterment of all lives shares with the world what can be done if we all work together in love. As of January 2013 we officially partnered with Unity Fitness Centre to make it the BRiCC Unity Fitness Centre on Bauchi Rd. Jos, Nigeria.

BRiCC's very first video short is here. Take a look below to watch!

The Discovery

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